DWD Secure Planning Permission for New Big Yellow Self Storage in Slough

Retail & Commercial

Slough Borough Council’s Planning Committee has unanimously resolved to grant planning permission for the development of 361 Bath Road, Slough to provide a new part-two, part-three and part-six storey self-storage facility. The application was submitted on behalf of Big Yellow Self Storage and will provide 12,580 sqm of self-storage space.

The 1.96 acre site is located on the south side of Bath Road, to the west of central Slough and currently accommodates a hardstanding car park with small temporary single storey portacabins. The site falls within an Existing Business Area and within an Area of Change.

DWD worked closely with Mountford Pigott Architects to develop the proposals. The proposed development has been designed to ensure that its massing, layout and design has regard to the future development and change that is expected to take place along Bath Road.

The site is also located in an area liable to flooding (Flood Zone 3) and therefore the scheme has been designed on stilts to allow flood water to pass under the building. A Sequential Test was also required to demonstrate to officers that there were no more suitable and available sites for the development, in a lower flood risk area.

The facility will help to meet domestic and business storage needs, supporting small and local businesses that require storage space.

For more information, please contact Emma Penson or Sarah Price.

Photo credit: Mountford Pigott.