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At DWD our planning consultant team provide advice across a diverse range of developments including urban development and large-scale energy and other infrastructure projects. We are expert in the processes and nuances of decision-making authorities under the different UK consenting regimes. In collaboration with our property team, DWD's expertise enables us to advise on the viability and development economic aspects of planning.

Our planning consultant team offers a range of specialisms including infrastructure and energy, residential, commercial, mixed-use, education and community, affordable housing viability and minerals and waste.

Our property team's expertise is deployed in the fields of lease advisory, business rates, acquisition, disposal and valuation across all property and infrastructure asset classes and sectors. Compulsory purchase and strategic land advice are specialist areas where we support developers, landowners and occupiers in a variety of scenarios. We are specialists in difficult or complex valuation situations such as ransom positions and rights of light.

Over the 35 years that DWD has been established we have gained a breadth of experience across the UK and as a result are well placed in dealing with Local Planning Authorities and other decision making bodies.

Whatever the size of a development project, or aspiration for sites when purchasing land or buildings, it will only be realised once planning permission is secured. Our planning consultant team's work can range from assisting with smaller applications, such as discharging planning conditions and changing the use of individual units, to larger applications such as large power stations and urban extensions.

Having a strong planning consultancy on board from the outset can also ensure that valuable due diligence is undertaken. This involves understanding a site's planning history and identifying any restrictive conditions, as well as undertaking important checks to spot any potential show-stoppers and helping to de-risk the future stages of a project.

The driving force behind our planning consultant team are our people who are either accredited by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) or the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Both of which are organisations who are responsible for shaping policy and setting the highest professional standards.

If you're new to DWD please feel free to review our 'Planning Project Case Studies' and take a look at 'Our Team' below for an idea of our experience and how our planning consultant team can help you.

Planning Team

Property Team

Georgina Smith

Assistant Planner

020 3327 6287

Tory Redcliffe

Senior Surveyor

020 3327 6286

Callum Cook

Assistant Planner

020 3327 6285

Connor Hall

Assistant Planner

020 3327 6284

Chris Baker

Senior Associate

020 3327 6282

Louise Braine

Senior Planner

020 3327 6281

Adam Schofield

Senior Associate

020 3327 4720

Jeff Norris

Senior Associate

020 7332 2112

Lucy Freeman

Graduate Planner

020 7489 4832

Ellie McGrath


020 7489 4837

Charlie Merry

Senior Planner

020 7355 0337

Andrew Pilbrow


020 7489 4891

Edward Wiltshire

Assistant Surveyor

020 7489 8112

Benedict Collins


Robert Miller

Senior Planner

020 7355 0339

Jane Groombridge

Accounts Assistant

020 7332 2101

Peter Jakob

Finance Director

020 7332 2106

Sam Smith


020 7332 2102

Jordan Martin

Senior Planner

020 3327 4726

Richard Greeves

Managing Partner

020 7332 2109

Andrew Holden

Partner - Lease Advisory

020 7332 2114

Alan Vickery

Partner - Head of Business Rates

020 7489 4831

Gerard Denning

Partner - Valuation

020 7332 2108

Andrew Meech

Partner - Business Rates

020 7489 4839

Richard Bason

Rating Practice Manager

020 7489 4838

Barry Murphy

Partner - Planning

020 7332 2116

Peter Roberts

Partner - Valuation

020 7489 4835

Serena Page

Partner - Planning

020 7332 2118

Sarah Price

Partner - Planning

020 7332 2111

Adam Davis


020 7489 4834

Toni Lodeiro

Partner - Valuation

020 7332 2119

Nick Fennell

Consultant - Planning

020 7332 2104

Nick Bowen

Partner - Planning

020 7489 1175

Emma Penson

Partner - Planning

020 7332 2115

Andrew Deller

Partner - Planning

020 7332 2105

Hannah Thomas-Davies

Senior Associate

020 7332 2103

Alice Mason

Senior Surveyor

020 7489 4836

Clara Rands

Senior Planner

020 7489 4893

James Smith

Senior Planner

020 7489 4833